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Samsung Dryer Boast Lots of Features and Huge Improvements.

Samsung washer and dryer

Samsung Dryer

All dryers are alike, right? Apply air and heat, dry clothes. Not so fast — Samsung has innovated here, too. Again, there are fourteen modes and a bunch of settings. Active wear, wool, delicates, permanent press, and bedding all get specific cycles. Eco Dry, Air Fluff, and a couple other modes allow you to minimize heat, while saving on utilities. Additionally, there are three steam cycles to ensure your clothes emerge from the dryer with fewer wrinkles; and there is a “Wrinkle Prevent” setting that can be added to any mode. All of these modes are run in the Samsung dryer’s 7.5 cubic foot drum, which contains sensors that recognize when clothes are dry and shuts off, rather than run needlessly. But the most impressive thing about the Samsung dryer is a two-fold approach to handling lint. According to the National Fire Protection Association, washers and dryers are responsible for about 5% of home fires each year, causing upwards of $235 million in damage, much of it caused by lint problems. Lint accumulates in vents, causing blockages that can heat up and ignite. The Samsung dryer has an innovative lint trap. Rather than the single pane of screen that you’re probably familiar with, the Samsung has a pocket trap that forces more lint to be caught and is easily removed by opening it, like a book. The dryer has a reminder light to tell when you when the trap is full, although you should be cleaning it with every load.

Samsung dryer lint trap

No trap is perfect, so Samsung has introduced an improvement here, as well. The Samsung dryer has a vent sensor that recognizes — and alerts you — if the dryer vent needs cleaning to avoid a potentially dangerous vent blockage.

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