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Warning signs

If you notice any of these warning signs call us immediately for dryer vent cleaning service.  If ignored further damage can occur to your dryer resulting in costly repairs.


  • Is your dryer taking over 45min to dry your clothes?

  • Does your dryer turn off before your clothes are dry?

  • Do you have a dusty laundry area?

  • Does the flapper vent not open when dryer is on?

Picture of a dryer that caught on fire.

Lack of maintenance is the leading cause of dryer fires, and lint is the leading material to ignite.  Dryer fires can be caused by insufficient airflow and lint build-up in the dryer or in the exhaust duct.  Reduced airflow and lint build-up cause overheating of the exhaust environment demanding excessive cycling of the high temperature thermal cut-off switch leading to failure.  Overheated clothes dryers can cause fires.  Fires can spread to the wall or other combustible materials through the plastic hose melting and the lint inside igniting.  The use of proper venting materials is the first step to ensure safe and efficient dryer operation.  Avoid flexible plastic venting material which is combustible.  To achieve optimal air-flow and reduce lint build-up use the shortest distance with all-metal dryer venting material.

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