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Why Your Clothes Aren’t Drying

Dirty dryer vent line

Have you ever noticed your laundry taking too long to dry? While most of us automatically assume the dryer itself is to blame when laundry takes more than 1-2 cycles to dry, that’s often not the case. Unless your dryer is antique, it’s more likely there is another issue.

One potential cause is a clogged vent. If the dryer vent is obstructed by debris or lint, the dryer will not work properly. You’ll notice the drum will spin but the heat can’t keep up. A sensor in the dryer will adjust the heat, or turn it off, if it gets too hot due to a clogged vent. Not only does this mean your dryer will be less efficient, it also poses a fire hazard.

Having a clean dryer vent allows your dryer to work more efficiently, which saves time and money in the long run. A clean vent will also give you peace of mind by reducing the risk of a dryer fire. If your dryer is running inefficiently or hasn’t been cleaned recently, contact a dryer vent cleaning expert like All Clean Dryer Vent Cleaning LLC.

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